ROYALTY Marketing’s Independent Distributorship Agreement

Terms and Conditions

  • A person of legal age, 18 years and above, corporation, partnership, or any legal entity can apply for as a ROYALTY Marketing independent member and distributor.
  • To be an independent member and distributor of ROYALTY Marketing, an individual or company, shall purchase a Registration Kit from the company. Afterwhich, he/she is entitled to product discounts and is allowed to engage in the distribution of company products to which he/she can earn corresponding income and incentives based on his/her personal and group sales performance.
  • A newly registered distributor needs to have a basic understanding of the business through attendance to the company’s Business Orientation (BsO) conducted on schedule at the head office or at any accredited business center. He/she can also ask the assistance of his/her sponsor or upline for a personal presentation.
  • In order to earn the income potential presented by the company, each registered Distributor must make monthly purchases. In case a Distributor fails to make his/her monthly maintenance purchase, the income entitled to him/her in the income line-up will automatically be passed up to his/her immediate upline. The company rule applies - No Monthly Purchase, No Monthly Income.
  • Upon sign-in, each Distributor is required to purchase (via automatic income deduction) an exclusive Cash Card for Pay-out– where Distributors can automatically withdraw their credited earnings without the need for system request.
  • As an independent member and distributor, I hereby allow the company to automatically deduct from my income and similar incentives, the applicable amount required by law as per Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Withholding Tax requirements.
  • The company shall not be held liable for any loss of income caused by any lost or stolen company-issued cash card. In case of loss, please report immediately to the company for re-issuance of a new cash card subject to applicable fees.
  • An investor to the company (specifically referred herein as Stockist) shall enter a separate Agreement with the company and be entitled to incentives and special privileges apart from his/her personal and group sales income.
  • There exists no employer-employee relationship between ROYALTY Marketing and its independent members and distributors.
  • For the benefit of its existence, ROYALTY Marketing reserves the right to improve, revise and update its present policies and business plan, without prior notice to its distributors.
  • That the company shall not allow any form of Assignment or Transfer of Ownership of one’s distributorship to another name or entity.
  • That the company accepts no responsibility for any claims and misrepresentations made by its registered members and distributors.
  • An independent distributor of ROYALTY Marketing shall strive to maintain his/her membership in good standing by not joining other companies which engage in the same nature of business or similar line of products and/or not inciting other Distributors specifically company Stockists to do the same.
  • ROYALTY Marketing reserves the right to suspend, impose disciplinary action or terminate the independent distributorship and membership of anyone whose action/s have proven to be malicious and detrimental to the interest of the company and/or its distributors in general. The Company therefore, reserves the right to forfeit commissions earned by the concerned distributor/s under such conditions.